1. Do you offer internship?
    • Unfortunately, currently we do not offer internship.
  2. Do you provide your service in helping us to find internship?
    • The supply of interns is much stronger than the demand. Companies normally receive many internship applications and have only limited capacity to take in a few. As such, it is rare that companies would use recruiter to help them to source for interns.
    • In the rare event that companies do approach us to source for interns, we normally provide this service to the companies free of charge. We see this as our corporate social responsibility to help actuarial students getting the valuable industry training during their vacation and/or prior to their graduation.
  3. How would I get informed of such internship opportunities?
    • The quickest and best way to be informed of such opportunities is to connect to us via Facebook or Twitter.
  4. How do I seek internship on my own?
    • Write or email to all potential employers
    • As the internship positions get filled up very quickly, please act early. Approach potential companies at least 2 months before the start of your internship.
    • Be flexible and be willing to change the dates you are available for internship to suit company's requirements.
    • Be prepared also to work as an intern outside the actuarial department.
  5. Am I entitled to Placement Reward and Referral Reward if such internship positions are advertised through TAS Search?

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