You have an initial capital of RM45,000 and you are thinking of setting up an online store to sell certain goods. You have a choice of 20 different types of goods. The following table shows you the costs and profits of the goods:

Goods Cost (RM) Profit (RM)
G1 34 13
G2 42 16
G3 44 17
G4 46 18
G5 55 21
G6 78 30
G7 2,310 926
G8 2,624 1,052
G9 3,020 1,211
G10 3,102 1,244
G11 4,766 1,911
G12 4,990 2,001
G13 7,390 2,963
G14 9,763 3,922
G15 9,855 3,959
G16 9,977 4,008
G17 10,005 4,019
G18 10,372 4,159
G19 11,533 4,633
G20 12,708 5,105

For each type of goods, your supplier will only supply you a maximum of 5 items.

What is the highest profit that you can generate? Please also show the combination of goods that allow you to generate this profit.

The above data can be downloaded in csv format here.

If you have a combination of goods that meets all the conditions above, and you are our newsletter subscriber at 12 noon on 6 August 2013 (Competition Date), you stand a chance to win a cash prize of RM100.  Please note that the Cutoff Time for this competition is 11 August 2013 18:00 (KL time)

Competition for the RM100 cash prize is now closed.  We have 13 valid entries (12 found optimal solution).

The above brain teaser was only open to our newsletter subscribers as at 6 August 2013.

If you submitted an answer and your name does not appear on the Honour Roll, it is likely that you were not a newsletter subscriber at the competition date.

Based on the closing FBMKLCI as at 12 August 2013 of 1,784.57, we take 57 and divide by 58.  The remainder is 57, add 1 to 57 we get 58.

So the winner is "Karen".  Congratulations!

Instructions on how to claim your prize money will be emailed to you.  Please reply the email within 2 weeks, failing so the prize will be carried forward to the next competition.

Check your answer here.  Must first sign in to see.

  1. To submit your answer, use the submission form above.
  2. The email address you enter must match the one you used for our newsletter subscription (check your email to see where we sent our latest newsletter to).
  3. Your real name and email address will not be published to protect your privacy but it will be used by us to validate whether you are our newsletter subscriber on the Competition Date.
  4. Choose a unique nickname for us to publish in the Honour Roll in the event that your answer is valid.
  5. One winner will be chosen from the first 20 valid entries submitted before the Cutoff Time (see below for method of choosing the winner).
  6. The winner will walk away with RM100 cash.
  7. Please make sure your name as entered in the submission form matches the name you use in your bank account as the prize money will be transferred directly to your bank account and we are unable to pay you if the names do not match.
  8. You may submit more than 1 time if you find a new combination that gives you a higher profit. However, only 1 entry per day is allowed.  If you submit more than 1 entry per day, only the first entry for that day will be considered. Day is based on KL time zone.
  9. Only 1 email address per person is allowed. We reserve the right to disqualify you if we discover that you submit more than 1 entry using different email addresses.
  10. If no valid entry is received by the Cutoff Time, the first valid entry submitted after the Cutoff Time wins the cash reward.
  11. A valid answer is a combination that costs you not more than your initial capital (RM45,000) and for each type of goods in that combination you have 5 or less items chosen. The number of items for each type of goods should also be a whole number.
  12. Winner will be announced on this page using the nickname.
  13. If case of dispute, our decision is final and binding.

The winner will be determined based on the closing FBMKLCI on the 1st trading day immediately after the Cutoff Time as follows:

  1. Take only the 2 digits after the decimal point, and lets say this 2-digit number is X.
  2. Divide X by N, where N is the total lucky numbers allocated at the Cutoff Time. Take the remainder and add 1.
  3. From the number obtained in Step 2, match it with the lucky numbers as shown in the Honour Roll to decide the winner.

As an illustration, assuming 11 valid entries and assuming that the closing FBMKLCI is 1,623.31:

  1. X is 31 based on the 2-digit number after the decimal point of closing FBMKLCI.
  2. Since there are 11 valid entries, in total 56 lucky numbers are allocated (01 to 56).
  3. Divide 31 by 56 gives a remainder of 31.  Add 1 and we get 32.
  4. The 4th person on the Honour List has lucky number 32 and hence is the winner.
  5. Please note that by intention, this method may favour slightly those who submit their entries early.

Honour Roll

The following qualified newsletter subscribers submitted a valid answer. The order is first determined by the profit they generate, followed by the order of the submission.  The lucky numbers allocated are shown in brackets:

  1. lim yu wei (01 to 10)
  2. Why (11 to 19)
  3. Lee Ling (20 to 27)
  4. banana (28 to 34)
  5. Yap Chong Yong (35 to 40)
  6. JHorng (41 to 45)
  7. cf (46 to 49)
  8. kokweng (50 to 52)
  9. misty (53 to 54)
  10. Sweet Yee (55)
  11. yangster7 (56)
  12. WL (57)
  13. Karen (58)

Also see the all-time Top 10 Brain Teaser Solvers. This however will only be updated after the close of this competition and only those who submit the highest profit will get into all-time Top 10.

This Honour Roll is updated daily by 10:30 am.

Modified 8/11/2013 by Loo Hai Teh
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